Tongue Twister

As part of Westfield Shopping Centres’ 2015 Food Sensations campaign, Condiment Junkie were asked to conceive a unique multi-sensory food and drink experience.

The experience, aptly named Tongue Twister, was a fun and educational journey where visitors could gain insights into how our senses are entwined, and more specifically, how our sense of taste can be influenced and even tricked by what we hear, see and smell.

The experience launched at Westfield Stratford City for a teaser, and popped up at Westfield London (Shepherds Bush) for the full experience.

The journey too guests through 4 sensory rooms that highlighted an individual sense and its impact on our perception of taste....

PURE - Where guests were refreshed and cleansed in preparation for the sensory onslaught to follow
SEE - A rainbow laboratory where visitors explored the impact of colour on taste and our judgement of flavours
HEAR - Where guests experienced how what we taste is influenced and enhanced by different sounds and music
SMELL - An aromatic extravaganza where guests created unique flavour cocktails and discovered how we taste with our noses!







Clients: Westfield