Singleton space Taipei



Project summary

Our brief was to create an innovative brand experience to help The Singleton in Asia increase brand recall, awareness and penetration.

Our response? We created the concept for The Singleton Sensorial Space; an exciting pop up brand space in Taipei where guests are immersed in the rich sensorial world of The Singleton Signature whisky.

Our solution

Building on Sensory Design Principles we developed for the brand, we designed the space to reflect the warm and natural essence of The Singleton while providing an intriguing and immersive customer journey for guests.

The Sensorial space spans 3 buildings in Taipei's trendy Hua-Shan media park. It Consists of a retail space, dining room and VIP room. As guests meander through the space, the story of The Singleton brand heritage unfolds. 

We considered shape, materials and textures as well as colour, sound and scent to create the blueprint for the space. Local agency Drawing Idea in Taipei went on to detail the designs and bring to life the physical environment while we oversaw the design and created bespoke scent and sound to amplify the experience.


In step with an increasing trend towards sensory dining, we collaborated with award-winning food writer Fuchsia Dunlop, to develop a 5 course sensory meal where guests enjoy the ultimate guided taste experience. Surround sounds and 3D visuals were specifically designed to accompany each dish and to highlight the complex character of the liquid.

Within the first 4 weeks the space had generated over £200,000 worth of advertising value through media coverage.

Our creative services

Creative concept
Customer experience design
Environmental design direction
Gourmet dining experience
Brand Sound and scent design