The Boldest Glass



Concept development | Product design | Sound & music creation


How do you deliver a new drinking experience for the bold and fiery Johnnie & Ginger cocktail?


The creation of arguably the world’s most innovative drinking glass.

The Johnnie Walker Boldest Glass marries bone conduction technology with sensory science, to play a specially designed soundtrack directly to a drinker’s inner ear while they take a sip. The music track intensifies the fiery flavours of Johnnie & Ginger, creating an even more intense taste experience. 


Oscar OcaƱa, JOHNNIE WALKER Brand Director says: “The JOHNNIE WALKER brand is known for inspiring progression which is why we wanted to create a true piece of technology innovation within the bar environment. The glass is set to give drinkers a glimpse of what bar culture could be like in the future." 

The glass generated an unprecedented PR reach. The prototype glasses will be touring some of the World's top bars for a sonically enhanced Johnnie & Ginger upon request.


Clients: Johnnie Walker