Beat Box pavilion

Condiment Junkie worked with architecture firm Asif & Pernilla to develop a concept that would win the bid to create Coca Cola's pavilion at the London 2012 Olympics.

The Beat Box involved taking samples from a track composed for Coca Cola by producer Mark Ronson, and turning them into an interactive artwork that would allow visitors to 'move to the beat' of the Olympics, by actually playing the building.

We developed a creative concept that used exciters to turn the building's EFTE cushion facade into speakers. Through touch, distance, movement etc visitors could interact with the building, triggering the sounds and loops in different ways.

All the sounds were original recordings of athletes performing their sport - ranging from a table tennis player, tae kwon do fighter to an archer and runner. Walking along the outer ramp of the pavilion, you could trigger the differnt loops of sounds, all of which worked together. The building would become a constantly evolving piece of music.

After concept development, we handed over to the technical and enginnering teams for production and installation.

The pavilion was a landmark success for Coca Cola, attracting over 150,000 visitor over the course of the Olympics.




Clients: Coca Cola