Trust someone like the dutch to do things just that little bit better than we seem to be able to in the UK. For instance, on a visit this week to Amsterdam I noticed the simple but incredibly effective audio signals they employ at pedestrian crossings, that coincide with the usual visual cues.

Just want to say a massive thank you to the Audio Branding Academy for inviting me to speak at this years congress in NYC, and to Jenny Karakaya and the Expansion Team crew for making it such a smooth and welcoming affair.

Every last person I met was amazingly friendly and passionate about their work. The day was fascinating on many levels.

There was such an overwhelming response towards my talk from everyone. I want to thank you all for your kind words.

I've uploaded a pdf of my presentation below, just in case anyone wants to have another read through.

"Selfridges is making history by launching a revolutionary window display for its 2011 Christmas season that sees the run of its Oxford Street windows play re-engineered carols without the need for loudspeakers or sound-preserving booths, as is the case when such an initiative is attempted by stores around the world. Each window is effectively turned into an enchanting and oversized music box.

Gardens of Mas des Meuriers, St. Tropez.

Condiment Junkie have just returned from creating 3 immersive sound installations for a party in the Gardens of Mas des Meuriers, St. Tropez.

Part of the garden was turned into a jungle, with reactive elements that were triggered by people’s movements, creating the impression of hidden animals sensing them. The sound was delivered through 10 speaker surround sound to create a seamless atmosphere.

A fantastic episode of Horizon on how we perceive colour has peaked my interest because of the parallels with sound, and the connotations for multi-sensorial design.

Bjork’s new Biophilia project has begun this week with the release of the Biophilia ‘mother app’, and the first of the musical releases, ‘Crystalline’.

Wine poured into a glass

If you’re having a dinner party this weekend, one of the choices you may be pondering over is what is the perfect music for the occasion? Another perhaps is what wine will you serve? Well fear not as Condiment Junkie have the solution to both your problems.

Did you know it is possible to design a playlist that not only entertains your guests but can actually enhance and compliment the wine you are drinking?

Condiment Junkie are very proud to announce that we are now members of the fantastic Experimental Food Society.

The roster of members includes jelly mongers Bombass & Parr, cake sculptor Lily Vanilli, sugarcraft artists, mobile chocolate adventurers and one-of-a-kind dining conceptualists to name a few. Each unique in their field members are joined by their love of food and their desire to push it to new levels, often fusing it with other forms such as science and art.

Great article from the Nieman Journalism Lab about how sound in HMI devices engages users for longer. Some good stats in there too.

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