August 2010

For decades, brands have been paying close attention to how they look; creating visual identities which speak to their target market and help them stand out in a crowd. More recently, verbal identity has nudged it's way onto the boardroom agenda, giving brands a distinctive vocabulary and tone of voice.

But surprisingly, sound, one of life's most powerful means of communicating, is still considered an after thought rather than an integral part of a brand's communication strategy. This is a white paper on the importance of a sonic identity.

Throughout this blog we will investigate the links between sound and the other senses. How multi-sensorial experiences become amplified, and tap into our memories and emotions far more than single stimulus ones (or whether single sense experiences actually exist!). How we can learn from the condition Synesthesia and the way in which those with synesthesia (myself included) experience the world. And how this knowledge can help us create more engaging experiences, more memorable branding and marketing content, and convey information efficiently and effectively.