Fabric of sound


In digital retail the stimulation of the senses which contribute to perception of quality and enjoyment - touch, scent, sound - are missing. The only other sense that can be delivered through a digital experience is sound; but is universally underused - or used badly.

We created an experiment using an interactive augmented reality experience, to test the effectiveness of sound design in digital retail.

A participant stands in front of a screen and sees clothing items superimposed onto themselves. There was a choice of two jackets to ‘try on’ - An extreme weather puffer jacket or a fleece.

We created two versions of the experience. One was silent, as normal. One featured sound recordings of the clothes, that triggered in time as you moved to create a realistic experience.

Participants’ behaviour in the two versions showed significantly different, compelling results.

Participants spent 30% longer interacting with the AR experience when sound was included than with the silent version.

When asked afterwards how much they would pay for the clothing items, results showed participants would pay 15% more for the items when sound was included vs. the silent experience.