Sensory event celebrating Southern cuisine

Russ & Scott discuss the Sensorium and its implications


We can tell the difference between the sound of hot and cold


Making digital retail experiences more compelling with sound


Modulating the taste of food, purely by sound

Sensory drinking at home

How to create your own home sensorium experiences

A pop up event that blends science with a sensual experience


Condiment Junkie are proud to have completed a project for Royal Mail and Proximity London, designing SFX and brand music for an interactive timeline telling the story of Royal Mail’s 500 year heritage.

Proximity have created a technologically beautiful parallax view interface, through which you can discover the rich past of the Royal Mail and the historic milestones that it was there to witness.

Happy New Year 2013

In an effort to begin the year by stimulating your creative brains, here are three amazing discoveries Condiment Junkie made in the last month of 2012. Discoveries that have furthered our ability to communicate information and enhance perception with sound and scent.

First, we proved that we can all tell the difference between Hot and Cold liquid, just by listening. It sounds unbelievable but if you try it you’ll instantly understand. Give it a go here


A sensory cocktail event at 69 Colebrook row

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