Condiment Junkie is a creative agency based in London. The company was conceived by Russell Jones and Scott King who recognised that whilst major brands took great care to communicate their visual identity and verbal language from a consistent strategic position, they rarely focused on factors that can have an even stronger impact on consumers such as sound and scent, texture or shape.

Since starting the company in 2010 we have worked with both small and large companies across many sectors including automotive, banking, FMCG, alcoholic drinks, hospitality, technology , healthcare and beauty.

We regularly partner with academic bodies and independent visionaries such as Oxford University’s cross modal research lab, and London University’s Centre for the Study of the Senses, in order to further our knowledge of how the senses and emotions interact. This scientific insight forms the basis of all our creative solutions.

On a project by project basis we team up with specialist partners from food and taste consultants to perfumers and product designers. This way our team is agile, our expertise limitless, and our work always fresh and unique.

Scott’s journey began in marketing and brand communications, first agency side and then as a freelance consultant. He has helped clients ranging from top 100 brands to startups in the FMCG, financial and healthcare sectors.

Russell’s background in sound production for TV and film lead him to explore the emotional power of sound in branding as a freelance consultant before co-founding Condiment Junkie and broadening his focus to all the senses.