We work with brand owners to develop sensory applications of their brands. We define how a brand, product or service communicates through all the senses in a consistent, strategic and scientific way. And then help to deliver this across consumer touchpoints.

Our services range from mapping out a complete sensory strategy - which can then be used to guide all aspects of 360 degree brand communication - through to specific sensory experiences, events, brand activations or tangible assets such as a brand scent or sonic mnemonic.

Our approach is to build on the existing brand positioning to identify what the desired consumer take out should be. This forms our creative brief for the sensory design work.

We then study existing research, or undertake bespoke research, to enable us to define a scientifically based sensory strategy.

This strategy is then used as the basis for concept and design stages - so everything we do or create has a scientific underpinning that we know will deliver the desired outcome.

Our services:

Sensory brand strategy
Sensory guidelines
Experiences & events
Ideation workshops
Research studies
Scent design
Sonic branding
Sound and music composition
Product & packaging design