Strong emotional memories are formed when our senses are stimulated. That’s why a sound or a smell will conjure up a feeling, a time and a place.

When visuals, sounds, scents and textures are blended together, our senses become heightened. The right sound can make a drink taste sweeter. The right scent can make a colour appear brighter.

This multi-sensory approach is incredibly powerful. Used in marketing and branding, it has the potential to influence customer behaviour, increase enjoyment, premiumize products and promote purchase. It can help create more effective, memorable and engaging experiences and communications.

We call this approach Sensory Architecture. Designing how a brand and product communicates through all the senses in a considered, strategic and scientific way.

We are not thinking beings that feel;

We are feeling beings that think.

Antonio Domasio; Professor of Neuroscience, University of California